a visit to kuantan

              last week,my father took us to visit Kuantan Pahang.We went there by his car.first day we went to tanjong lumpor and live in a small fishing village.
               we does to fishing at tanjong lumpur.atthere also have many food stall,fruit stall and also souveniar shop.wonderful beach can i saw at tanjong lampur.
               then we to pandan waterfall.we saw a lot of people at there.the waterfall very beutiful scenery.we changed our cloth and swimming with happily.my brother and i fight swimming buterfly stayl.i won and accept a trophy from my father.then we also does picnic,hiking ,fishing and jungle treking.
              next day,my family and i went shoping paradise.i never keep in mind about shooping paradise name,will you want know,ask my brother.we have many money to buy what does we need.hah!the name is Eastcoll Mall.


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